Thursday, 16 January 2014

Patience is a virtue?

Oh man, nobody warned me that waiting to sample would be so hard!

Every day I am squeezing the plastic bottles of 'Caterina Neue 1.0' trying to judge how much carbonation they have. They are getting harder so something is happening inside the bottles. It has only been 5 days since bottling, and already I am itching to throw one of the small glass bottles into the fridge to crack into. I know I have to wait, but it is killing me!

In other news I dropped my temperature sensor into the water surrounding the fermenter when changing ice packs. Considering it is just a raw circuit board and while in the water it decided to connect to the wifi to transmit a temperature I was thinking I might have stuffed it - however it has sat for a few hours drying out and after reconnecting the battery it seems to be working OK. I might need to come up with a better attachment method that the bungy cord.

I also took a sample of the 'Joan Jettison' stout. SG is down to 1020 (from 1074) making it currently about 7%, but even with all that residual sugar it still tastes rather bitter (living up to the Jettison part of the name?) It is also pretty chunky (I guess with the cherry puree and the tap at the bottom of the bucket I am picking up trub). I am thinking that I will leave it on the yeast cake for a few more weeks to hopefully clean up the flavour and try again. If it is still nasty then I might have a go at racking to a secondary fermentor and adding some more cherry.

All this waiting...

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