Sunday, 19 January 2014

Catrina Neue Costs

To satisfy my slightly OCD tendency's I have been recording all the money I am spending on my home brewing enterprise.

Here is a breakdown for the "Catrina Neue 1.0" brew I did:

*The amortised cost will decrease the more brews I make (you can see the number of brews in brackets)

The time is a bit of an estimate as I didn't record it accurately while brewing or making the labels. I will try to remember for future brews.

At the time if writing the per litre price sits at $15.93 (your view might be different as the above spreadsheet is dynamic) . Considering I want to say I paid $16.50 per litre (but I can't exactly remember) at the Garage Project cellar door for La Calavera Catrina in a rigger (the beer Catrina Neue is based on) when you include labour, trying to replicate it at home is not exactly cost effective.

Especially if it turns out to be undrinkable...

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