Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rhubarb (+Raspberry?) Wit

Another brew day, another weird beer - this time not inspired by one of Pete's creations!

An early start down at the vegetable market had me picking up 3 bunches of rhubarb as the plan was to make a Rhubarb Draught using the Premium Draught kit that I had left over, however ended up changing my mind...

Picked up a WilliamsWarn Wheat and a Black Rock Wheat LME to turn my rhubarb into a Rhubarb Wit.

Started by chopping up the 2.1kg of rhubarb and boiling with 3 cups of water until soft, then blitzed it with a stick blender to turn it into a thick pink sludge.

About 2/3 of the sludge went into the fermenter with the two cans of liquid malt along with a rehydrated Safbrew WB-06 wheat yeast (that comes with the WW kit which justifies it's extra cost)

The plan at this stage is to taste after initial fermentation and if not tart enough, rack to a secondary fermenter and add the rest of the rhubarb along with some frozen raspberries for a final RRWit (just a working title at this stage)

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