Sunday, 22 December 2013

The beginning (of the end?)

After saying that “what’s the point” and “I don’t have space” I have been convinced to try home brewing. Quite a few friends do it but I had always resisted - partly due to lack of space in our little flat, partly due to impatience (why brew your own when you can just go a buy a great beer) and partly because I tend to get over involved initially in a project and quickly loose interest.

I think a couple of things happened that tipped me over the edge (potentially into the abis). La Calavera Catrina went off tap at Garage Project. Southern Tier decided to concentrate on the domestic market and stop exporting Creme Brulee to NZ and KJD released a pale imitation of the previously awesome Chocolate Cherry Porter.

Don’t get me wrong - I love a good IPA just an much as the next bloke, but why brew something 8Wired have mastered with Super Conductor or Epic with Hop Zombie that I can just go down to the local off-license and purchase. I want to brew things that are strange and interesting, that I can’t easily get.

So a Mangrove Jacks Starter Brew Kit seemed like the perfect Xmas gift from the wife (I had seen a cheaper Coopers Kit at Thorndon New World, but elected to buy from my local home brew shop (The Brew House) as I figured that I would be visiting them a number of times in the future for supplies.
So it sits under the Xmas tree with a bow on it, taunting me with the potential of turning into 23l of Munich Lager.

I have a chemistry degree, how hard can it be...

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